ARC National Ranking Rules​

How it works


  1. Our goal is to incorporate all AR races where a US team is competing

    • To be considered an AR race the event must contain

      1. 2 different types of non-motorized travel

      2. Map & Compass based navigation

    • All results must be complete to be considered in ranking

  2. Up to 7 Racers Per Team for C-3/4, M-3/4, F-3/4. All other divisions need exact team members

    • If the 7-member limit is exceeded, then only the highest scoring qualifier points containing 7 or less members of a team roster are scored.

  3. Results from the past 365days will be considered

  4. Rankings will be calculated the first week of each month.

  5. Top 5 races by points count towards the ranking.

  6. A tie in a race will result in splitting of the 2 positions points equally

  7. A team must request any team name change by email.

  8. Adjustments to the equations can occur once a year in January as needed.



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