Adventure Racing Resources for Race Directors
FAQ for Race Directors

A host of information about adventure racing for racers!  The FAQ is divided into categories (general, biking, trekking, paddling, nav, etc.).  Searchable as well.  This is just getting started and needs a bunch more content.  Good stuff, but only a few questions and answers at the moment.

SERVICE: Live GPS Tracking

​With Enabled Tracking's live tracking solution, participants can be tracked in real time. A small GPS tracker is carried by participants and their location is updated on a live map. Engage participants' friends and family, give participants post-race analysis, use as part of your safety and operations plan, and provide greater exposure for sponsors through the live tracking portal.  Mention ARC to get 25% off your next tracking engagement.

SERVICE: Map-making

​Some of our members make maps.  Need a orienteering map or some customized map for your adventure race?  Contact one of these people.  Discounted rates for ARC members!

SERVICE: Boat Rentals

DINO owns two trailers with up to 24 canoes each. Plenty of paddles and PFD’s to go with them. The canoes are 16’ Fiberglass Mohawk two-seaters.  They are located just east of Indianapolis, IN. Transportation and handling to be done by the renting organization.  Adventure race pricing: $20 per boat for race weekend (plus a couple days for transportation). If you need us to haul and handle, pricing will depend on time and miles.

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SERVICE: Online Race Coverage

AR Live Coverage is Craig Cook covers writes live race coverage online (remotely) from his home in New Zealand.  He has covered many expedition races using his FB feed and has a large following.

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Racer Survey Template (Google Form)

A Google form to survey participants of your events.  Just copy this example and edit it to your liking and then send it out to your racers.

Checkpoint Setting Guide

Here's a short guide for where/how to set checkpoints for adventure races and rogaines.  If you'd like to enhance or modify this resource, please email ARC and let us know and then have at it!  (Word Document, PDF).

Best Practices for an RD

Mark van Tongeren (Michigan RD) has made a short PDF of race director best practices for putting on your own adventure race.  Check it out and learn how to make your upcoming event a success!

Media Advertising Plan for an AR

Mark van Tongeren (Michigan RD) has an AttackPoint post on how to advertise your upcoming adventure race.  Check it out and learn how to market your upcoming event.

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