Adventure Racing Resources for Racers
Frequently Asked Questions

A host of information about adventure racing for racers!  The FAQ is divided into categories (general, biking, trekking, paddling, nav, etc.).  Searchable as well.  This is just getting started and needs a bunch more content.  Good stuff, but only a few questions and answers at the moment.

ARC Adventure Reading List

Looking for a good book on adventure racing or endurance sports?  Look no further!  ARC has compiled a list of must-read books for you!

ARC Race Report Library

Think about doing a particular race?  Or, looking for a great race story?! Check out firsthand accounts of people that have done these races in the past.  ​You can also add a link to your own report to the growing report library, or simply browse all the amazing race reports that have already been added.

ARC Technical Reports on AR-related Topics

A list of technical reports/papers dealing with the sport of Adventure Racing.  Want to read up on sleep deprivation research?  This is the place.

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ARC Newsletter Archive

ARC has been publishing newsletters quarterly since Jan 2018.  Want to relive what ARC and the AR scene have been up to?  Or perhaps, you missed reading one of them?  Here they all are for posterity.

ARC FB Discussion Group

ARC maintains a Facebook discussion group for AR happenings primarily around the United States.  Come join in on the chatter on races, gear, US team rankings, and everything AR!

Adventure Racing Discussion Group (on Facebook)

Join 4000+ international adventure racers as they talk about gear, races, experiences, etc.  Have a question or insight?  Post it here.

Adventure Racing Teammate Finder (FB)

Looking for a teammate for a specific race?  Have a team and need one or more racers to round it out? Check out this Facebook group!

Gear Bazaar (FB)

A Facebook group to sell your used gear and to find great deals on other racers' slightly used stuff.

Adam Rose YouTube Channel of AR Videos

What is AR?  What gear do I need? Where can I find races?  Adam Rose's short videos address all thee questions and more.  Great introduction for new racers.


A UK website about all things adventure racing and endurance sports worldwide.  Totally free.  Maintained by Rob Howard, a journalist and photographer that's been to more races than any of us!

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AR Live Coverage

AR Live Coverage - For the best in depth race analysis and Blow by Blow commentary of races from around the world, this is the place to go. Prediction, Preview, Reviews and Opinion pieces. All the news on what's happening in the AR World and some that’s not. Everyone is welcome to join in and chat, ask questions, have an opinion and learn more. It’s all part of being in the AR Community.

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Attackpoint AR

Attackpoint started as a website for orienteering and added a section for adventure racing.  They maintain a race calendar.  Users post training logs.   It's social media for adventure racers...follow old friends and make some new ones! 

FOR SALE: Moscow Compasses

Need a fast setting, stable adventure racing compass?  Moscow compasses are the best in the world.  And more than a handful of adventure races are using them!

FOR SALE: Squiggly Lines

Want to learn to navigate with a map and compass?  Looking to improve your AR nav skills?  Check out this book on map and compass navigation with a focus on adventure racing and rogaining.  Over 150 figures and diagrams and over 100 exercises to help you stay found.   

FOR SALE: OutThere Race Packs

Looking for your first AR pack, or longer for a larger pack for an expedition race?  Check out Mike Kloser's packs at

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