Adventure Racing Resources

A host of information about AR.  Divided into categories (general, biking, trekking, paddling, nav, etc.).  Searchable as well.

Add a link to the growing race report library or browse all the amazing race reports that have already been added.

Lots of info, discussions, opinions from ARC members and other racers.

Looking for a good book on adventure racing or endurance sports?  Look no further!  ARC has compiled a list of must-read books for you!

ARC Newsletters from the start of time

A list of technical reports/papers dealing with the sport of Adventure Racing

Join the Adventure Racing Discussion Group. Talk equipment, strategy, races, and more!

A website about all things AR and endurance sports.  Totally free.  Maintained by Rob Howard.

Training logs, AR discussions, race calendars, etc.  Follow old friends and make some new ones!

A Facebook group to buy/sell your used gear.

A book on map and compass navigation with a focus on adventure racing and rogaining.   Members can purchase it at 10% off at

Need a fast setting, stable AR compass.  Moscow compasses are the best in the world.  Members get 10% off at

Adventure Racing Teammate Finder:  Looking for a teammate for a specific race?  Check out this Facebook group!

Thinking of hosting your own adventure race?  Need boats to rent?  Check out your region page to see if ARC has located any boat rental outfits near you!

Here's a short guide for where/how to set checkpoints for adventure races and rogaines.  If you'd like to enhance or modify this resource, please email ARC and let us know and then have at it!  (Word Document, PDF)

Racer Survey Form (for RDs)

A Google form to survey participants of your events.  Just copy this example and edit it to your liking and then send it out to your racers.

With Enabled Tracking's live tracking solution, participants can be tracked in real time. A small GPS tracker, no bigger than a box of matches, is carried by participants and their location is updated on a live map. Engage participants' friends and family, give participants post-race analysis, use as part of your safety and operations plan, and provide greater exposure for sponsors through the live tracking portal. It is almost a no-brainer for endurance events lasting more than 8 hours. Mention ARC to get 25% off your next tracking engagement.

Some of our members make maps.  Need a orienteering map or some customized map for your adventure race?  Contact one of these people.  Discounted rates for ARC members!

Mark van Tongeren's AttackPoint post on how to advertise your upcoming adventure race.

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