ARC Regional Coordinators for the US 

Regional Coordinators

Each region has a regional coordinator who will serve on the Regional Coordinators committee, and that committee will elect one person to the ARC board.  The current representative to the ARC Board  is Matt Hayes from the Cascadia region. 


If you are interested in helping out in a particular region, or perhaps you'd like to serve as a regional coordinator in the future, please email the ARC board (

Cascadia: Matt Hayes ( ) raced mountain bikes though high school and college and started to pick up more sports after moving to the U.S. Northwest. After competing in the 2003 Ridge to River relay, he thought adding navigation and teammates to the mix sounded like great fun and started competing in adventure races in 2004. He has been fortunate to have many great teammates and has raced in the Pacific Northwest, and several countries.  Matt says great friends, adventures, trails, races, and training are what make adventure racing so awesome.  

Sierras: Currently vacant

Rockies: Katie Ferrington ( is the mother of 2 young girls, physical therapist and clinic owner, race director, and endurance sports-aholic.  Katie has been adventure racing since 2007 and has competed in expedition races such as Untamed New England, Florida Coast to Coast, Primal Quest, Mayan Mountain, and Goldrush Motherload. She has 50+ races under her belt and has experience lead navigating various terrains from Florida to California.  Katie also is a marathon runner and triathlete to include Ironman.  From orienteering new terrain every race to the ever-changing dynamics of the team, Katie continually finds herself interested, challenged, and excited about adventure racing. Her profession as a physical therapist has allowed her to share her belief in the importance of physical health and its benefit on emotional and mental health with others.  

North Central: Paula Waite ( is the founder of 180 Adventure and race director of the Stubborn Fool Adventure Race and Stubborn Mule Adventure Race. Paula, like many, was inspired to dive into adventure racing by watching Eco-Challenge in the late 1990s and was hooked from her first adventure race in 1999. Since then, she’s competed in over 100 races including PrimalQuest, Raid the North Extreme, and La Ruta. While Paula fondly remembers those bucket-list type events, she truly treasures the beautiful moments in the “everyday” races, if there is such a thing: a two-team long pace line in the early morning Michigan fog, a night paddle on calm waters beneath a meteor shower, the indescribable bond that builds among adventure racing teammates… Paula has been race-directing since 2009 and strives to put on high quality races that showcase the many beautiful parts of Wisconsin while challenging all participants, from the beginner to the seasoned adventure racer. Paula calls both Madison and Hayward, Wisconsin, home. She looks forward to being part of ARC and helping “grow this thing!”.  

Great Plains: Jon Van Dis ( did his first adventure race in 2011 on a borrowed bike and has been hooked ever since.  He is the co-founder of Unplugged Adventures, producing 1-2 races annually ranging from 8 hours to multiple days.  Jon has been actively racing since his start in 2011, doing 3-8 races per year, and loves to jump in with a team in need of a teammate.  He unofficially has the record for most unique teammates participating in Cowboy Tough (10 different teammates in 4 races).  He has completed 8 hour adventure races with all of his kids ranging in age from 8 years to 17 years old, and has competed with world ranked athletes.  Jon started Unplugged Adventures with a desire to bring more adventure racing to the Midwest, Iowa particularly, and to help build a base of athletes with an interest in the outdoors.

South Central: Art Cook ( co-owner of Too Cool Racing of Texas with Robyn Cantor.  He did his first race in 1999 when he showed up to volunteer at a race and was roped (only in Texas) into racing with one of Texas’ most badass women mountain bike racers.  On a borrowed little pink mountain bike with a Dasani bottle in the cage, he started his love for adventure racing. In 2003, after several races ranging from 6 hours to 3 days, Art decided to join a team to do Primal Quest at Lake Tahoe.  One of those teammates was Robyn Cantor.  While traveling the 450 mile course with his team, there was a discussion between Art and Robyn about starting some type of small business. In late 2004 Too Cool Racing LLC was born.  Since then they have put on more than 70 races in and around Texas. Although many folks in the past 14 years have thought that Art and Robyn were married, he has actually been married to a girl named Ronda for the past 26 years.  They have two beautiful daughters who have been known to show up and race now and then.  They actually completed their first sprint race at the ages of 5 and 6.  The youngest has been known to be on the podium with the big people.

Midwest: Dallas and Shawn Lemaster (, are a pair of outdoor loving, multi-sport athletes based out of The Cincinnati, Ohio / Northern Kentucky area. Team 361° got its start in 2010, and since then they’ve enjoyed racing in some really great (and some really bad) races! They’ve raced in everything from the World Championships of AR to Ironmans, rogaines, mountain bike races, marathons, urban adventures, open water swims, etc. So, with that experience in mind, they started 361° Adventures in 2012. As full-time RDs they direct several ARs a year.  

Southeast: Ron Eaglin: ( Bio coming soon!

New England: Cliff White ( the co-director of the Maine Summer Adventure Race, along with his wife Kate, an Adventure Racing Cooperative board member. He did his first adventure race, the New York stop of the Hi-Tec series, in 2002, when he was 18. Then he took 12 years off, working as a sea kayaking guide in Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands, a youth trip leader in Alaska, and as a newspaper reporter in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, sandwiching in an Appalachian Trail thru-hike in 2005. He started adventure racing again in 2013, along with Kate and his dad, Starker, as part of Strong Machine AR. In the past four years, Cliff has completed nearly 40 adventure races in 19 states and two foreign countries (the Adventure Race World Series races ITERA – Ireland in 2016 and Raid Gallaecia in Spain in 2017). Cliff blogs about his race experiences at Kate and Cliff live in Portland, Maine, with their son, Wilder, and dog, Mose.

Mid-Atlantic: John Courain ( Like many folks in this generation of adventure racers, it all started with the Discovery Chanel Eco-Challenge.  John and his brother Aaron watched teams Nike and Eco-Internet and vowed that some day they would be competing in the sport of AR. After eight years as a varsity rower in high school and at Rutgers University. John was ready to make good on his promise and set off to do his first race with Aaron as “The Brothers Courain.” After four hours of stumbling through the woods of New Jersey, they emerged as losers but were hungry for more. John’s early years in the sport were spent cutting his teeth on NYARA races in the Catskills, put on by Rodney Villella and Amy Bartoletti.  Soon after John joined up with Team REV3 in their infant years, racing all over the East Coast and ending up as the first-place USARA squad in 2013. In 2015, John moved back to his roots and now races with Team NYARA.  He has directed multiple 12- and 24-hour races and competes all over the country with Team NYARA.  He currently resides in Rochester, N.Y., and is working with local racers to grow the sport in the Finger Lakes area.

Appalachia: Mark Montague ( After competing in over 100 triathlons, Mark was introduced to Adventure Racing back in 2003 by one of the original AR Race Directors: Don Mann of Odyssey Adventures. He started out as a volunteer for the "Dirty Dozen" climbing team for Odyssey for a couple years to learn everything about AR. Then he started racing every format for the next 14 years, from soloist to four-person coed in sprints, 12, 24, and48 hour races up to Expedition races like Untamed New England and the culmination, Primal Quest Utah Expedition AR Race. In 2009, he started double duty, racing and becoming a Race Director for Soggy Bottom Boys Racing (SBB Racing), designing and putting on Rogaines, O-Meets and various length Adventure Races. He teaches Orienteering for Merit badges to Scouts as well as a few AR101 Clinics each year to new racers looking for help learning more about Adventure Racing. His biggest passion is to help introduce and teach new people about this incredible sport of Adventure Racing and to put on races that challenge racers as well as include "unique" elements in AR races most RD's are missing.

Regional Coordinators Position Description

Within each region, the coordinator will:

  • help identify the needs of the region

  • coordinate outreach programs in the region including a regional AR series

  • provide specialized help to race directors (obtaining permits in the region, good areas for races, equipment rentals, historical knowledge, etc.)

  • help coordinate regional rankings, and potentially a regional championship

  • make sure regional races are listed on the ARC calendar

  • identify possibilities for sponsorship in region and for national organization

  • facilitate coordination between regional race directors on event dates and cross-promotion

  • help race directors with PR/marketing efforts

  • serve as liaison between regional racers, RDs, and ARC

  • cultivate new racers and RDs within the region

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