Rocky Mountain Region 

The ARC Rockies region contains the states:

        Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Eight race directors in the Rocky Mountain region are working  together to provide numerous adventure races in the region.  They have created the Rocky Mountain Adventure Series which includes most races in the area. The series has a Facebook page as well as a website.

ARC maintains a regional ranking for all the regions.

There are also four races in the region which are not part of series.  The Quarry Mt Quest is a beginner race to raise money for the Routt County Search and Rescue in Northern Colorado. The Kids Adventure Games (Utah raceColorado race, and Montana race) are events geared towards kids ages 6-14.  

Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator

Katie Ferrington is the regional coordinator. She has been racing for over ten years and is a great resource on the region and adventure racing in general.  To contact her, please email

Race Directors/Organizations

Athena Adventures: Jess Evans (ARC Partner, ARC board member)

The Crippler race: Chelsea Luttrall (ARC partner)

Kids Adventure Games: (ARC Partner)

Never Summer Race Productions: Katie Ferrington (ARC partner)

PPYMCA: Sonny Adkins and Lindsey Leiker

Rad Adventure Sports: John Richards and Bruce Goshorn

Surly Pika Adventure Race: Darren Hull

Teton Adventure Racers: Jason Popilsky and Abby Broughton (ARC Partner)

Rocky Mountain Region Resources

The US Forest service has various ranger districts throughout the region.  Use this interactive map to see where they are located.

The Bureau of Land Management manages many of the public lands in the Rocky Mountain region.  They also have a website for the state of Colorado.

State Parks

Many of the state parks in the Rocky Mountain region are open to hosting events/races.  Do a web search and contact them directly.

Local Contacts

Need Equipment for your Race? Contact Chelsea Luttrall.

Need Canoes for your Race? Contact Jess Evans.

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If you are interested in helping out in a particular region, or perhaps you'd like to serve as a regional coordinator in the future, please email ARC (

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