Midwest Region


The ARC Midwest region contains the states:

           Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The Midwest Region consists of ten race organizations with many years of race directing experience. The region puts on nearly 20 races per year starting in January. 

The current region ranking includes any team that has competed in any of these races in the last 12 months.

Midwest Regional Coordinators

Dallas and Shawn LeMaster are the regional coordinators for the Midwest Region.  They have been putting on races in Kentucky for over 6 years, and have a wealth of information.  Contact them at dallas@361adventures.com and shawn@361adventures.com

Race Directors/Organizations

361 Adventures: Dallas and Shawn LeMaster (ARC Partner)

AR Northern Illinois:

DINO Series/Central Indiana Adventure: Brian Holzhausen

Flying Squirrel Adventures: Stephanie Ross

Lost Arrow Sports

Michigan Adventure Race: (ARC Partner)

Mississippi BSA:

No Sleep Adventures: John Farless and Brian Fribley (ARC Partner)

Northeast Ohio Orienteering Club:

Topo Adventure Sports: Brian Grafton (ARC Partner)

Transcon Expeditions:

 Midwest Region Resources


DINO owns two trailers with up to 24 canoes each. Plenty of paddles and PFD’s to go with them. The canoes are 16’ Fiberglass Mohawk two-seaters.  They are located just east of Indianapolis, IN. Transportation and handling to be done by the renting organization, or we can negotiate on a price for hauling and handling if needed.  Adventure race pricing: $20 per boat for race weekend (plus a couple days for transportation). If you need us to haul and handle, pricing will depend on time and miles.

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If you are interested in helping out in a particular region, or perhaps you'd like to serve as a regional coordinator in the future, please email the ARC board (board@arcooperative.org).

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