Up and Coming Adventure Racers?!

The Individual Racer Ranking is out! We ranked on the same four categories as last year: Total ARC Points, Total Hours Raced, Total Races, and ARC Points / Race. Lots of great data to muck with!

So, we tried to figure out who's racing more this year than previously. Perhaps this is an indication of up-and-coming racers (or racers that took a break in 2018. We made this one by first filtering only racers that raced less than 25 hours from our race history (Jan 2018- Mar 2019). Then we filtered on this year's data looking for racers that have completed at least two races. Lastly, we sorted by total hours raced so far.

Congrats to Emily Shea - who seems to have taken a liking to AR!

You can see the entire ranking at

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