History of Rogaining

History of Rogaining and the World Championship

Rogaining can trace its roots back to 1947 when the first of many events with some of the features of rogaines was organized by the Melbourne University Mountaineering Club.

The events from the 1940s eventually led to the birth of the sport of rogaining in April 1976, in Melbourne, Australia. The sport was named, rules were adopted and the world’s first rogaining association was formed (the Victorian Rogaining Association).

The word rogaining is derived from the names of three of the founders, Rod Phillips, Gail Davis (née Phillips) and Neil Phillips (RoGaiNe, hence 'rogaining', 'rogainer' etc.) who were all members of the Surrey-Thomas Rover Crew which organized the world's first rogaine. The backronym "Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance" was created much later.

The World Rogaining Championships were first held in 1992, and then every two years from 1996 to 2012. Since then they have been held annually. The next one is in California in August 2020! See!/

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