2019 ARC Individual Champions

ARC started compiling individual racer data back in the summer. We have as much racing data as we could gather for the last 2 years on over 6000 racers! We ranked the racers in four categories:

  • Total ARC points earned

  • Total Hours raced

  • Total number of races

  • ARC points / race (min 3 races)

ARC points / race is probably the best indicator of how "strong" an athlete is, but it is by no means an exact raking. If an athlete ranks in the top ten in more than one category, it's a safe bet that they race a lot and do pretty well when they compete. If they rank in all four categories, that is a good indicator that they are one of the best adventure racers around.

For 2019, no racer ranked in the top ten in all four categories. Only 3 racers ranked in three of them. 6 racers ranked in two of them and 9 racers ranked in a single category. Here are the top twenty (20) racers for each category. For the full ranking, please visit

The leaders in each category for 2018-2019 were:

  • Michele Hobson: Total ARC points earned = 830

  • Peter Jolles: Total Hours raced = 698

  • Drake White: Total number of races = 18

  • Alexandre Provost: ARC points / race (min 3 races) = 120

ARC will be sending these racers 2019 championship hats!

Total ARC Points Earned

Total Hours Raced

Total Number of Races

ARC Points / Race (minimum 3 races)

Happy holidays!

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