ARC / Race Organization Partnership Agreement

In a nutshell, ARC provides its partners the following:

  1. Listing (with your logo) on the ARC website.

  2. Advertising to ARC members via social media and ARC email list

  3. Listings for all your races on the ARC calendar of races.

  4. Inclusion of your races in the ARC national statistics.

  5. Inclusion of your race organization in national level surveys.

  6. Access to our ARC resources archive.

  7. A regional coordinator to help/advise about all things AR including: 

    • permitting,  course design and vetting, equipment rentals, etc.

  8. Participation in some ARC-branded giveaways.

  9. Nationwide sponsors (TBD) via ARC that all race organizations can use.

And ARC expects each partner organization to:

  1. Regular communication with regional coordinator about your needs, successes, etc.

  2. Timely posting of your events on the ARC calendar.

  3. Timely uploading of your race results to ARC (for computing national ranking).

  4. Promoting ARC at your events (we will send your materials).

  5. Contributions to the ARC website (blog, discussion group, calendar, etc.).

  6. Access to some of your sponsorship deals (if RD and sponsors are willing) for members of ARC. 

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