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A not-for-profit cooperative to organize, grow, and provide resources to the adventure race scene in the United States.


Data on 6200+ individual racers!  See where you rank! 

Check out Ben Stiller on night mountain biking and also these AR 101 videos by Alpine Shop!

Our AR race calendar/map/list is live and populated with over 120 events in 2019!  Anyone can add more events to it.  Check it out!

Our national rankings are  published monthly!  The 2019 season is almost over.  Will you be an ARC national champion? We award prizes to the top ranked teams in each category at the end the racing season.  Here are the 2018 results.

ARC has a must-read list of books on AR and feats of endurance!

We also have a new ARC awards page!  ARC travels to races around the US and gives out special awards to teams meeting the award criteria.  For example, the Young Guns award goes to the best performing team under a certain average age (usually 30-35).  

Cliff White is our liaison to SleepMonsters.  He writes articles about the US adventure racing scene that get published on their site.  If you have a good idea, please contact him at

The Board of Directors hold their meetings during the first week of each quarter.  Meeting minutes and financials are all publicly available. You can also read our bylaws that govern the actions of the Cooperative.

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The vision of the Adventure Racing Cooperative is to elevate adventure racing to a commonly recognized sport in the United States. ARC will support organizations around the country to continually grow and advance the sport.  How we will achieve that?  Check out our current mission and values. 

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