2019 Board of Directors

Thanks to Cy Sack, Abby Perkiss, Michelle Faucher, and Shane Hagerman 

for helping get ARC going in 2018

ARC PresidentMark Lattanzi
Oversight of organization; runs board meetings.

Two year term (2018-2019).

ARC Vice President–Mark Harris
Assists President; coordinates membership; presides in President's absence. 

Two year term (2018-2019)

ARC VP/Treasurer–Michael Garrison
Maintains accounts, generates monthly financial statements. 

Two year term (2019-2020). 

ARC VP/Secretary–Kate White

Keeps meeting minutes, updates website, maintains calendar, etc. 

Two year term (2018-2019).

ARC National Rankings Leader–Ryan Ognibene

Administers team rankings. Two year term (2018-2019).


ARC Partnerships Leader–Andy Bacon

Forms/maintains partnerships with the various AR organizations and race directors around the country. Two year term (2019-2020).

Andy Bacon (VA) was introduced to adventure racing back in 2006 with an Odyssey 24 hour adventure race…and he was hooked.  Andy raced through the night and swam stark naked at 2am across a pond to get some checkpoints.  What an amazing sport!! In 2008, he did a few expedition races including Primal Quest Montana.  In 2010, Andy started an adventure racing company called Adventure Addicts Racing with good friend and former teammate Michele Faucher.  In 2013, he went to the adventure racing world championships in Ecuador.  In 2015, Andy left Adventure Addicts Racing to allow more time for family and his day job.  In 2017, he went to the adventure racing world championships again, this time in Wyoming.  Later in 2017, he quit his day job and took over an adventure sports company based in Northern Virginia called EX2 Adventures.  Adventure racing changed Andy's life and he's happy to have the opportunity to give back to the sport through the Adventure Racing Cooperative.  Andy will be leading our partnership efforts with all the various race organizations around the US.

Racers/RD Resources Leader–Connie Carpenter

Maintains AR resources archive, FAQ, and technical report archive. 

Two year term (2019-2020).

Connie (Kansas) is a doctoral student  and graduate research assistant at Kansas State University.  She in the process of completing her dissertation on high performing action teams performing under conditions of uncertainty and stress.  As part of her research, she presented on adventure racing teams at several national and international adult educational forums.  Connie also serves as the adventure series race director for the military community at Fort Leavenworth (www.ftlvadventure.com).  In addition to serving as a race director, Connie has participated in and volunteered at numerous adventure racing and orienteering events for about 8 years. As a researcher and racer, Connie’s goal is to grow awareness amongst the academic, civilian, and government communities regarding the study of adventure racing teams as elite, high performing members of a small organization capable of successfully operating under conditions of uncertainty over extended periods of time.  Connie is interested in working on the AR resources archive and also the newly created AR Technical reports archive.  

Outreach Leader–Jess Evans

Writes newsletter, interacts with other organizations in the greater community. 

Two year term (2019-2020).

Jess Evans (Colorado) was first introduced to adventure racing in 2007 when she volunteered for a Flying Squirrel Adventures 12-hour adventure race at Otter Creek Park in Brandenburg, KY.  From then on she was hooked! Her first race was "The Fig" in 2009, a 12-hour adventure race in Red River Gorge, Kentucky - still her favorite race. She raced as a solo female for several years until Stephanie, of Flying Squirrel Adventures, suggested she join a team looking for a female racer to qualify for the USARA National Championship race.  She has raced with many teams through the years from Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, including 361 Adventures Chickpoints who were the first USARA Women National Champions in 2017. In 2017, she ventured into the world of expedition racing completing the Breakdown EXP 4-day race and Cowboy Tough ARWS 6-day. Since then she has moved to Colorado and started Athena Adventures, partnering with 361 Adventures to bring more races to that region. Weekly, she writes an AR blog that can be found on 361 Adventures website (http://361adventures.com/blog).  She loves adventure racing and is eager to help ARC expand the adventure racing footprint throughout the United States.  Jess will be helping out with the ARC quarterly newsletter and other ARC initiatives.

Sponsorship Leader– open
Helps acquire sponsors and partnerships.

Two year term.

Region Development—Matt Hayes

Leads group of regional directors; helps with regional series.  Two year term (2019-2020).

Matt Hayes (Washington) raced mountain bikes though high school and college and started to pick up more sports after moving to the northwest. After competing in the 2003 Ridge to River relay, he thought adding navigation and teammates to the mix sounded like great fun and started competing in adventure races in 2004. Matt says the great friends, adventures, trails, races, and training are what make adventure racing awesome.  Matt served as an ARC regional rep last year for the Cascadia region (Pacific NW).  Matt will be serving as the ARC regional coordinator and working with the various regions to develop some 2019 ARC regional series with ARC-sponsored prizes!

Data and Statistics consultant–Cy Sack (consultant to board)

Collects data, generates reports, conducts surveys.  Ongoing

The ARC bylaws elaborate on the rules surrounding the board.

Description and Expectations

  • Board members serve for a two year term.

  • The full board will meet quarterly (could be virtual/online).

  • Each board member will have an initiative to lead.

  • Each board member will form a team/subcommittee to work on their initiative. The team can consist of other board members, regular members and people in the community.

  • Each board member will post at least monthly to the ARC blog/email list about ongoing efforts.  These posts will also serve as a means to gather direction and feedback from the AR community.

  • Each board member will report current status and items for discussion to the full board at the quarterly meetings of the full board.

  • Each board member will review, offer changes, and vote on the various initiatives as they are presented to the full board.

  • Each board member will promote the AR Cooperative to build membership, and to grow the sport of adventure racing.

Other ARC Positions

ARC also has a few appointed roles including:

Social Media and Website Maintainer: Liz Faucher

USARA Liaison: Brent Freedland

Regional Coordinators:

  • New England: Cliff White

  • Mid-Atlantic: John Courain

  • Appalachia: Mark Montague

  • Southeast: Ron Eaglin

  • Midwest: Dallas/Shawn Lemaster

  • North Central: Paula Waite

  • Plains: Jon von Dis

  • South Central: Art Cook

  • Rockies: Katie Ferrington

  • Cascadia: Matt Hayes

  • Sierras: Open

Regional Coordinator (Board Position):: Matt Hayes

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