ARC National Champions


ARC started a national ranking system in 2018 and tries to collect results from every race where a US team participated. The top team in each of 8 team categories and the top individual in each of 4 categories receive ARC-branded national championship fleece beanies! 

Top Teams

Coed 3/4: Rootstock Racing

Brent Freedland, Abby Perkiss, Brian Reiss, Joel Ford,  Karyn Dulaney, Eric Caravella, Ryan VanGorder

Male 3/4: Michigan Racing Addicts

Philip Shrader, Mike Debolt, Richard Sparks, Tony Misovski

Female 3/4: Three Bike Moms

Amy Heerema, Teri Lynn, Rachel Witkiewicz

Coed 2: A & W

Andrew Hahn, Wendy Hahn

Male 2: All Toenails Go To Heaven

Nathan Davis, Kyle Davis

Female 2: Battle Ax

Crystal Day, Leslie Van Winkle

Solo Male: AR Arkansas

Darryl McCauley

Solo Female: Jennifer Werner

Jennifer Werner

Top Individuals

(2018 Data)

ARC Points Earned: Joel Ford (549)

Total Hours Raced: Tim Kuenster (354)

Total Races: Drake White (10)

ARC Points Per Race: Abby Perkiss (108)

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