2018 Board of Directors

ARC PresidentMark Lattanzi
Oversight of organization; runs board meetings. Two year term.


ARC Vice President–Mark Harris
Assists President; coordinates membership; presides in President's absence. Two year term.


ARC VP/Treasurer–Michael Garrison
Maintains accounts, generates monthly financial statements. Two year term. 

ARC VP/Secretary–Kate White

Keeps meeting minutes, updates website, etc. Two year term.

National Ranking Leader–Ryan Ognibene

Administers team rankings. Two year term.


Racers/RD Resources Leader–Shane Hagerman

Generates resources for racers and race directors. One year term.

Outreach Leader–Abby Perkiss

Leads initiative on growing the sport of adventure racing in the US. One year term.


Sponsorship Leader–Michelle Faucher
Helps acquire sponsors and partnerships. One
 year term.

Data and Statistics Leader–Cy Sack

Collects data, generates reports, conducts surveys. One year term. 

Region Development—Matt Hayes

Leads group of regional directors; helps with regional series

The ARC bylaws elaborate on the rules surrounding the board.

Description and Expectations

  • Board members serve for a two year term.

  • The full board will meet quarterly (could be virtual/online).

  • Each board member will have an initiative to lead.

  • Each board member will form a team/subcommittee to work on their initiative. The team can consist of other board members, regular members and people in the community.

  • Each board member will post at least monthly to the ARC blog/email list about ongoing efforts.  These posts will also serve as a means to gather direction and feedback from the AR community.

  • Each board member will report current status and items for discussion to the full board at the quarterly meetings of the full board.

  • Each board member will review, offer changes, and vote on the various initiatives as they are presented to the full board.

  • Each board member will promote the AR Cooperative to build membership, and to grow the sport of adventure racing.

Other ARC Positions

ARC also has a few appointed roles including:

Social Media and Website Maintainer: Liz Faucher

USARA Liaison: Brent Freedland

Regional Coordinators:

  • New England: Cliff White

  • Mid-Atlantic: John Courain

  • Appalachia: Mark Montague

  • Southeast: Ron Eaglin

  • Midwest: Dallas/Shawn Lemaster

  • North Central: Paula Waite

  • Plains: Jon von Dis

  • South Central: Art Cook

  • Rockies: Katie Ferrington

  • Cascadia: Matt Hayes

  • Sierras: Open

Regional Coordinator (Board Position):: Matt Hayes

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